Comparison of real estate rates: low-cost credit

 To offer a comparison of real estate rates, there are many criteria to take into account. There are obvious factors:

  • Amount borrowed
  • Duration of the mortgage
  • Bring
  • Financial capacity / debt ratio

But to offer a comparison of objective real estate rates, there are less obvious factors such as the place of acquisition or the possibility of being accepted. Indeed, there is no point in knowing who is offering the best rate if it is so that the file is not accepted.

PS: Our credit comparison is based on credit rates excluding insurance. When it comes to home equity, the possibility of comparing home loan insurance rates should not be overlooked. It is quite possible, the law authorizes the borrower to choose his insurer… and there are great savings on arrival.

Comparison of real estate rates: the usual factors

Comparison of real estate rates: the usual factors

We will not cut to offer the comparison of current real estate rates. However, it should be noted at the outset that these rates are taken from national averages and do not take into account the credits refused. Indeed, a mortgage loan rate is assessed primarily based on a client file.

Unlike a consumer credit comparator which is offered at such or such rate and then granted or not according to the file, a home loan is first the subject of a study to know if it can to be accepted. If so, the rate at which it can be granted is then determined. Proposing a comparison of real estate rates without studying the file therefore amounts to giving an average of the rates obtained on the market. Here is a comparison of fixed and variable real estate rates for the first half of 2017. This comparison shows all of the real estate rates, from the lowest to the highest.

Updated on 28/06/2017. Rates excluding insurance.
* Revisable rate: capped + or -1%.
Classification made on the basis of the average rates observed.

The rates are understood as the overall effective rate, the legal rate for mortgage loans.

Logically, duration has a major importance on the mortgage rate. However, what this ranking of real estate rates does not show is that there may be other elements that come into play to get the best credit. Indeed, if one speaks only of financing, the contribution plays a very important role in matters of mortgage.

Indeed, obtaining a credit without contribution for a consumer loan poses no problem. Conversely, for a home loan, the contribution will be decisive whether to obtain an agreement or to obtain a cheaper mortgage rate. The contribution does not only lower the total amount to borrow and therefore the monthly payments and therefore the debt ratio. It regularly provides access to a cheaper rate.

Comparative real estate rates: unavowable factors?

Comparative real estate rates: unavowable factors?

There are no shameful factors but simply lesser known factors. The first of these is the “financial strength of the file”.

Financial evaluation of the file

When applying for a loan, there are ultimately only two important points:

  • Get a deal
  • Get the lowest rate

Get a deal

Obviously, getting a deal is the first and most important step. Proposing a comparison of real estate rates makes very little sense if the loan is not granted. We detailed the credit system refused by banks in a dedicated article. The bottom line is that there are of course mechanical rules (debt ratio, minimum income, etc.) but also a credit score. If the score is not high enough, the bank assesses a too high probability that there will be repayment problems and will not grant this loan. This score will also be used to determine the rate of mortgage loans granted.

These reasons mean that a comparison of mortgage rates is only informative and reflects an average market trend. In order to be able to give an appropriate evaluation, each file must be able to be evaluated. It is on this basis that the comparator that we have developed works. Not only does it provide an objective assessment, but it also integrates the best market offers AND the largest brokers at the national level. So our goal is to both get a deal and get the lowest rate possible.

Get the lowest rate

There are not 36 solutions, to get the lowest mortgage rate, you have to go around the market. This is the reason why mortgage loan brokers and comparators like us have the wind in their sails, beyond the provision of comparative real estate rates. Concerning the link between the mortgage rate and the evaluation of the client file, there is the credit score. We are not yet at the level of the United States or Canada, where the credit score of individuals (Credit Score) is a centralized data linked to each person with a social security number.

However, the principle is the same in France except that each bank performs this assessment. And in reality, everyone was confronted at least once with an exchange of the type “I got 1.23%, isn’t it? “Or” how much did you get from your bank? “. Obviously the underlyings are certainly to know if one is a good negotiator but also an assessment of his financial situation compared to that of others… A comparison of real estate rates is therefore essential to obtain the best mortgage rate but must be adapted to each file.

So what are the factors most influencing the credit score? There is certainly the debt ratio and the income, but it is above all the stability of the person or of the household that will become very important. For example, seniority in employment or in banking is of great importance. But the type of job too. For example, civil servants will be quite well received, to the point that there are specific offers of civil servant credit.

A Loan For Companies Without The IDK Bank Certificates

CTI Bank for a good start of cooperation, offers the best company account with free debit up to PLN 5,000, Fair credit up to PLN 50,000 without costs at the start, the most advantageous online loan for companies without certificates from the US and ZUS, for start-up entrepreneurs, a loan for start-ups, attractive revolving and investment credit, factoring, high interest rate deposit and several other attractive banking products for companies. No. 1 in Poland. Do you have a company? Are you looking for a reliable loan? Are you trying to expand or modernize your company? Or maybe you need money for other expenses related to your business? You already know where you should apply!

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CTI Bank prepared attractive loans for companies. Each submitted application is considered individually and as a priority it is analyzed quickly. CTI Bank flexibly adjusts the loan offer, precisely choosing a loan for the company depending on the needs and assumptions of the entrepreneur.

The most important information about loans at CTI Bank:


  • The CTI Bank offer is intended for business entities (companies, companies, shareholders of companies),
  • CTI Bank in its offer has loans from the first day of operation (most banks offer only from the internship of 12 months) and with a poor credit history (BIK C, D, No Score).
  • CTI Bank creditworthiness counts on the basis of REVENUE, REVENUE (acceptable loss of up to 10% of income) and FORECAST ,
  • CTI Bank loan offer in 5 minutes on the basis of account statements from the last 6 months and PIT,
  • CTI Bank also accepts income from other sources (full-time jobs, contracts of mandate, contracts etc.),
  • Opportunity to protect yourself against CONTRACT (only contracts with the possibility of making an assignment),
  • ELITE Special Offer – better credit conditions for ZZP clients (public trust professions: doctor, veterinarian, architect, bailiff, notary public, attorney, legal adviser, certified auditor) and for clients with BIK A and business experience of over 24 months.
  • LOAN ON STAR – financing from the first business day to 12 months; up to PLN 100,000 – without security on the assets, a loan to start with government support ; over PLN 100,000 – mortgage on real estate.

Credit for new companies

Credit for new companies

If you have opened a business – you have a company, you have a loan! The loan for new businesses is granted via the Internet, even for current financing of business operations – from the first day of its establishment. When applying for a loan for new companies, you will not need numerous ZUS and US certificates, which are required by other banks. Co-fund a new company now! CTI Bank will offer you attractive terms. External sources of business financing – a loan for new companies, it will fulfill all your needs related to running a business.


Business loan for a statement

Business loan for a statement

At CTI Bank, a loan without a certificate is granted up to PLN 200,000 – for a statement. Anyone can quickly get a loan for companies for a statement that can be used to finance innovation and implement new technologies. Flexible and individual approach to your company will ensure reliable and careful adaptation of the Bank to the complex needs and potential of your company.

What are the financial benefits of the loan for companies?

A loan for companies gives a wide range of opportunities for every entrepreneur to develop his company. All you need is a developed Clean for business development. Improve financial liquidity in the company!

Credit for unsecured companies:

  • The maximum loan amount is even PLN 3,000,000,
  • Long loan period,
  • Credit decisions are made individually,
  • The loan is granted in Zloty Polskie (PLN),
  • You can spend the money on any chosen goal,
  • Quick withdrawal – cash will be sent by bank transfer to the account indicated by you,
  • The loan may be repaid in equal or decreasing installments,
  • You will choose the day between 1 and 25 of the month you want to set as the repayment date of the installment,
  • Attractive interest rate.

Loans for companies – the best offer – a loan for companies

Loans for companies - the best offer - a loan for companies

You do not know where to get funds for the project? Browse through various forms of financing companies, small and medium enterprises and choose the best option for yourself!

Loan for companies: no certificates, no ZUS and US, investment, turnover, online

CTI Bank’s investment loan can be used for investment purposes, including purchase of machines, renovation, modernization, real estate equipment. Application and online credit decision – without the need to visit a bank branch. CTI Bank does not require any certificates from ZUS or Tax Office.

6 Steps to Deal Responsibly With 0% Credit Card Balance to Get Out of Debt – Consolidation of Loans

Have you seen the credit card offers? You know, the 0% Broward Loanskie APR balance transfer offers? At the end of 2010, after a while from a gap, credit card companies started resending 0% balance transfer offers to potential customers with good credit. You may have thought that the days of balance transfer arbitrage were over after the peak in the mid-2000s – but they are back now.

Most people don’t have much use for a 0% APR balance transfer and if you don’t, that’s great. But on the other hand, if you have made a few minor financial mistakes over the years, but you are now really careful and disciplined, a 0% balance transfer offer can help you get ahead and be on the right track .

If you make effective use of the balance transfer offer, you can get out of your debt faster. However, keep in mind that there are temptations and pitfalls along the way and that you can easily ruin your carefully designed plan.

Follow these six steps to get the money you need without putting yourself in debt

Do not receive cash advances

Do not receive cash advances

Read the fine print carefully and ensure that you do not receive an advance in cash. Cash advances almost always come with large fees and extremely high interest rates. Some credit card companies send you checks for balance transfers or cash advances, sometimes in the envelope directly next to each other. If you choose to use one of the checks for the balance transfer, you must check several times to make sure that you have the correct one and do not trigger a cash advance. Cash advances almost never work properly and it is one of the things that you should not use a credit card for. I do not recommend them for any purpose.


Pay attention to mathematics

Pay attention to mathematics

If you get a balance transfer of $ 5,000 for a 12-month period at a 0% interest rate and a 3% fee, it is the same as borrowing the $ 5,000 at a 3% interest rate. It is still a pretty good deal, especially if you are planning to pay a loan with a higher interest rate or a credit card balance with the money. But keep checking your math. If you get $ 5,000 with the same 3% reimbursement but 0% APR for just six months, that 3% reimbursement translates into an annual cost percentage of 6%. It’s not nearly as good as a deal.

Consider the transfer price for the balance in the same way that you would think about the APR. Many costs amount to 5%, and those prepaid costs are also the reason why you do not want to pay off a 0% balance transfer earlier. Leave the money in the bank where it can earn interest until the final payment is due. Of course the best type of 0% balance transfer is a transfer without costs . It is a feasible ideal: I received two no-fee offers last month, one from the American bank and the other from Commence Bank.


Keep credit lines open


It is almost never a good idea to close a credit line for many reasons. Firstly, closing a credit limit can damage your credit score. Second, an open, unused credit limit helps keep your credit usage percentage low. If you have a value of $ 10,000 in unused credit of $ 10,000 on one card and then open a 0% transfer of $ 10,000 on another card, your credit will only be shown for 50%, even though you may never plan to ever use the existing card again. It is a simplistic example, but the principle remains the same.


Keep good records

Keep good records

If you decide to use a balance transfer to help you get out of a financial slump, make sure you have an exact picture of details such as your balance, payments, deadlines and end date of the Broward Loanskie promotion period. Lenda May credit card banking is a convenient way to track your low interest loan. Save the paperwork with the original terms of the balance transfer agreement, in case you encounter discrepancies later. When the end of the introductory period is only a few months away, I always call the bank to confirm the date on which I have to pay the transfer without paying interest.


Pay on time

Pay on time

Nothing spoils a sweet balance transfer faster than late payments. If you are sensitive to payment arrears, a balance transfer of 0% is not worth your time. With credit card costs and extra interest you owe much more than before the transfer.


Do not use the card

After you have transferred a balance to the new card, put it away. Resist the temptation to add to that balance by buying more things. A balance transfer of 0% is a chance to breathe in, pay off debts and get ahead – it’s not a card to dig a deeper hole.

NMN Bank Has Published Requirements For Basic Standards For Payday Loan

In order to conclude a loan agreement with its client, the Payday Loan will follow specific legal instructions. These instructions are created in self-regulatory organizations, one of which should include every microfinance organization. The document of this program is published on the official website of the NMN Bank.

SRO issues requirements for the operation of all Payday Loans that are part of it. If an organization wants to remain a member, it fulfills the requirements. NMN Bank, in turn, monitors the correctness of the developed requirements.


A New Program from Payday Loan and their borrowers

A New Program from Payday Loan and their borrowers

The new program describes orders related to the interaction of Payday Loans and their borrowers, aimed at protecting the rights of the latter. First of all, the organization should provide the client with extended information about themselves – in addition to the name, an entry number must be published in the Payday Loan registry freely available. A complete list, which can be easily found on the website of the ZSA Bank. A reference to membership in a particular SRO and its standards relating to customer relations will be added to the registry number. Plus, the client should have free access to information about additional paid services, if any, and the potential risks of the borrower. And, of course, the user of the service must know where he can go in order to protect his rights in case he believes that they are violated.

Rules for further communication with the current client will also be written in the basic standards. The company must timely inform the client about all points that may affect the terms of service.


Time of approval of the application for the loan

Time of approval of the application for the loan

The evaluation of the credit history of the potential borrower will also be spelled out specific rules. It will clearly spell out how the Payday Loan can obtain information about the client, and from what sources. Loan before salary should be prolonged a certain number of times a year. This restriction should reduce the number of situations where a borrower takes a loan in order to pay off another loan. According to experts, this leads a person to even greater debts.

Promotional actions of companies, as well as the acceptance and processing of complaints from customers will also be spelled out in the basic standards.

New standards after the development and confirmation of the regulator will be mandatory and all microfinance organizations will have to work according to them.

Credit Advisers – Loans, Loans, Deposits, Investments

Credit advisers are experts will find the best financing offer for you free of charge. We specialize in difficult topics. We offer simplified procedures for companies – up to 200,000. minimum formalities. Flexibly calculated creditworthiness. Cash loan for companies up to PLN 300,000 without collateral. Express loan for companies up to PLN 60,000, only for PIT without a KpiR. The cheapest cash loans, housing loans, car loans and the best non-bank loans We provide low installments, attractive interest rates.


Credit Advisers – Loans, Loans, Deposits

Credit advisers offer various loan proposals and innovative products. They help clients choose the best solution and the optimal lending time. Thanks to the rich offer, credit advisors are able to offer the offer best suited to the individual situation of borrowers.


Credit and financial advisers are at your disposal!

Credit and financial advisers are at your disposal!

Financial advisors is a team of professionals in the composition of which is an investment advisor, a credit advisor and an insurance advisor.

The investment adviser will make every effort to choose the best form of investing money, the best investment funds in terms of profile, client’s needs and expectations, will help to compare investment funds. The investment adviser together with the client will prepare a professional and advanced retirement plan allowing to prepare for a situation of reduced job activity or total retirement.

A credit advisor will help in choosing the best cash loan for companies, car loan indicating the best form of financing or raising money. The credit advisor will indicate key differences in the offers of individual banks, and will also select the appropriate form and type of loan in terms of plans related to the purpose for which you intend to allocate money. The credit advisor functions as a credit broker acting on behalf of the client and not on behalf of the banks.

Credit advisers analyze the current situation of the client, but also try to prepare clients for various unexpected random cases such as loss of job, loss of health, invalidity, serious illness or even loss of life.

All aspects help you to analyze the credit advisor free of charge. All you need to do is make an appointment. Advice and meetings with advisers are free and non-binding. You can also use the services of credit advisors in situations requiring clarification of unintelligible entries in contracts. We invite you to meet with a credit advisor.


You do not know which cash loan to choose?

You do not know which cash loan to choose?

Take advantage of the free assistance of an adviser who will help you choose the best loan offer tailored to your needs. The proposal includes cash loans for any purpose, without income statements, no income statements, no collateral, a statement and loans offered by non-bank institutions. Below we have included a form in which you can leave the phone number to yourself. In the matter of the loan, a call center employee will contact you.

Recommendations Regarding Cash Loans At Banks

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority is an institution supervising the functioning of banks in Poland. It issues recommendations that affect, inter alia, the lending policy conducted by banking institutions. One of such recommendations, which refers to for cash loans, is the recommendation of T. How does it affect the issuance of credit decisions by banks?

Recommendations of the T P recommendation

cash loans

In 2012, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority adopted an amendment to the recommendation T. The purpose of the changes was to make the banks’ approach to the issue of retail loans more flexible. Banks must adhere to the guidelines of this recommendation, which assumed a departure from establishing by the PFSA top-down the maximum values ​​of the DtI index, ie the relation of expenses related to servicing credit obligations to average net income. Today, the bank determines which level of indebtedness of given clients may be acceptable. Previously, recommendation T stated that the installment of consumer credit, including cash, can not exceed half of the borrower’s income, or 65% of income if the borrower obtained income in an amount higher than the national average.

Loan for proof also from the bank

Loan for proof also from the bank

Currently, banks can also apply simplified rules for assessing the customer’s creditworthiness. Such rules apply to clients of banks with six-month cooperation with a bank for which the cash loan amount does not exceed 6 times the average monthly remuneration in the enterprise sector. Thanks to this, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority opened the opportunity for banks in Poland to grant so-called cash loans as proof. They are competitive in relation to quick loans granted outside the banking system by parabank institutions. Simplified rules for granting cash loans also apply to low loans, for example, not exceeding the average remuneration in the enterprise sector.

However, regardless of the amount of the cash loan, the bank should use external databases each time to assess the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the retail client.

How To Complete A Bank Check

The check is a widespread payment instrument that allows you to regulate the transfer of money between two people, without it having to take place materially (considered, in fact, that the bearer of the check can claim the ownership of this credit instrument to be collect the same amount of money – within certain limits – or deposit it on your current account).

Of course, the check we are talking about today is purely to be understood and qualified as a ” bank check “, and not as a ” bank draft “. A difference not without consequences: let’s see which, in a brief synthetic introduction.


Bank check and bank draft

Personal Loan

The bank check is issued by the holder of a current account (or by a person with appropriate faculties) to apply to the funds present in the current account. It follows that a person can issue a check, even for amounts higher than those that are actually present in the account (overdraft), exposing – naturally – to the consequences of the case. It also follows that the one who receives the check and tries to collect it, could have the unpleasant surprise of facing an incapable credit. It is for this reason that bank checks are paid and negotiated “subject to collection”: the credit institution reserves a few days to try to understand whether the check is covered or not, debiting the same amount in the contrary hypothesis .

Very different is the case of the bank draft, which is issued on funds that are made available by the bank, at the customer’s request. In other words, when the bank draft is issued and delivered, the related funds will have already been acquired and debited. The result is a remarkable certainty of the title, compared to the banking one.


How to properly complete a bank check

Having introduced the above, we remind you first of all that in order to correctly fill out a check it is necessary to indicate:

  1. place of issue
  2. date of issue, which must correspond to the real date of the checkout (in other words, it cannot be anticipated or postponed)
  3. amount in numbers, marking the two decimals (eg € 51.20)
  4. amount in letters, separating the unit amount into letters from decimals with a bar (eg fifty-one / 20). In the hypothesis that there are no decimals, two zeros can be added after the bar and after the comma (eg 51.00 and fifty-one / 00). In this regard, it should be noted that it is sufficient to fill in the amount in letters in any European Union language
  5. beneficiary
  6. signature of traction : it is the signature of the current account holder or of a person with specific powers. In the event that the corporate signature is spent, it is necessary to affix the stamp with the company name
  7. non-transferability clause : since it is not possible to issue free checks for amounts exceeding € 1,000, it is necessary to affix the non-transferability clause on credit instruments. To avoid unpleasant consequences, the banks have checkbooks with the pre-printed clause at their disposal, and often require a specific request (with additional costs) in order to get hold of “free” checks.


What to do when you receive a check

Bank Cheque

The bank check is cashable or negotiable through the “endorsement”, or by affixing its signature on the back of the security, with consequent delivery to the bank that will deal with the collection (in the event that you wish to convert it into money – within the limits allowed by the law or by the institute’s regulations – handing it over to the issuer’s bank, in the event that you wish to deposit it in your account, it will be sufficient to hand it over to your bank).

At that point, considering the negotiation of the debts (subject to collection), it will be necessary to wait for the technical currency availability days before actually spending the sums present. Using the sums prior to this availability, there is therefore the risk of suffering a currency overdraft, with debit interest being charged.

To be able to find out more, we advise you of course to read carefully the current account contract that you have signed, and the transparency information sheets in force (find all these details in the documentation that was delivered to you at the opening, and on the website of your reference credit institution). Inside, you will also find specific indication of the days of economic and technical currency, and consequently you will be able to obtain useful information in order to guide you in managing the financial resources acquired through the receipt of a bank check.